DAVE TEPPER REPORTS that spammers are using blog domains. So if you get an email from my domain offering to enlarge your penis or sell you discount toner cartridges, you can disregard it. It’s not from me.

He’s also tracked down at least one of the offenders, and is promising vengeance. It’s happened to Avedon Carol and Mac Thomason as well, apparently.

UPDATE: Reader Steven Skubinna writes:

All I gotta say is, thanks for the heads up. Because I would have trusted you. A guaranteed Instapundit enhanced penis would have got my credit card number, for sure. Good thing you were proactive in safeguarding your credibility.

I suppose you aren’t going to be recommending barnyard sex sites as well, huh? And if your wife e-mails me about Nigerian bank accounts I can disregard that too?

Well, the size of my penis is a major topic of discussion on certain websites, but I’m not into peddling products. As for my wife — I advise you to do whatever she says, without any backtalk. It’s safer that way.