June 25, 2002


A search of a Sarajevo office of the Saudi High Commission for Relief turned up anti-Semitic and anti-American videotapes and children’s pamphlets as well as maps of Washington and photos of U.S. military installations. A raid this month on the offices of Al-Haramain netted tapes calling for attacks on foreign peacekeepers, said Sylvester. One recurring theme: the tale of the “poison roast,” in which Jews invite Islamic children to a deadly feast. “Why are they teaching Bosnian children to hate America?” he asked. (Saudi officials denied knowledge of this material.) Raids on Benevolence, where another of the suspects worked, turned up correspondence between Enaam Arnaout and Osama bin Laden dating back to the 1980s, as well as photos of the two men.

These guys need to listen to Bush’s speech again.

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