READER JOHN MONASCH WRITES to compliment me on InstaPunditWatch:

This is great! Instapundit-Watch is hilarious! I enjoy a well-done spoof. You are right on the money with your satire of the absurd misreadings and ridiculous whining of blog-critics like that Boston Globe writer, Warlogger Watch (a troll himself?), and this week’s L.A. Times article. If this site is actually you Glenn, trying to deflect/discredit any would-be critics, touche; a skillfully conducted charade and pretending not to have a sense of humor is [a] masterstroke!

I’m looking forward to the appearance of a Lileks-Watch blog and a U.S.S.Clueless-Watch blog and many other good humor sites. Mediacritics-critics-spoofs ad nauseum: the rate at which this medium is spawning new variations and new themes is truly astounding.

What can I say, John? You’ve got me dead to rights. . . .