WHODUNIT? Blogger Michael Kielsky has a long and technical post on ballistics, relating to a story by a Palestinian teenager who says he was shot by an Israeli woman sniper. Problem is, the bullet (of which he has a photo) is a .22 Long Rifle, a puny round that is not generally used by military snipers. He says this casts doubt on the story.

And it does. However, I recall reading somewhere — and I’ve looked, but can’t find it now — that Israel has actually used snipers with .22 rifles in riot situations. The round is incapacitating but, properly placed, almost never deadly, and it’s not very noticeable (especially if the gun it’s shot from is noise-suppressed). I recall reading that they’ve used them to incapacitate leaders in riots, etc., when they don’t want to kill people but when rubber bullets aren’t suitable — since they’re much less accurate.

Anybody know if I’m remembering this correctly?

UPDATE: Boy, that didn’t take long. Somebody emailed me this link to a post by Armed Liberal, who remembers hearing the same thing.