BO COWGILL scooped everyone with his report (with pictures yet) of the protests at Stanford regarding Condi Rice’s commencement speech. Now Howard Mortman dissects the rather lame coverage in the Palo Alto Daily News, which makes up for being later than Cowgill’s by not being as good. And looking at Bo’s photos of the protests, I’d say the newspaper’s estimate of a “more than a dozen protesters” is rather generous, but Bo’s own report says that there were maybe three dozen, so take your pick. Maybe some of them just didn’t want to be photographed.

UPDATE: Reader Dave Ivers writes:

Let’s see, a generous estimate of 36 (“three dozen”) divided by 4600 graduates means 0.78% of grads demonstrated. Wow!! What a backlash. Looks like the Bush popularity is sliding right down the crapper.

No one is impressed by your bourgeoise math, Mr. Ivers. It has long been used to distract the proletariat from its true interests.