Restrictions on protests during President Bush’s commencement address at Ohio State University (OSU) Friday sparked widespread outrage on high-profile liberal Internet sites. But criticism of what happened has been plagued by inaccuracy and a reliance on incorrect and sketchy reports. . . . [Claims of arrests, etc. are debunked, and attention is directed to news stories reflecting the facts].

This correction has not been acknowledged by Buzzflash, MWO or even the left-liberal media critics at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, who quoted the original, incorrect report in their critique of the Washington Post’s coverage of the speech yesterday.

Well, there you have it. Hey, anybody can be wrong, but — especially when you’re online and it’s so easy to do — it’s important to correct things once you find out they’re wrong, even if the incorrect version is more politically opportune. I would think that would go double for anonymously authored sites like MWO.