YOU MAY WANT TO VOTE in this poll on the official Taliban website, which is still in business.

UPDATE: Reader John Beckwith writes:

I followed your link and tried to vote in the Taliban poll. I submitted my vote, but the poll results page informed me that my vote would not be tallied because I had already voted.

I am not sure, but they may have set things up to allow only one person who linked in from Instapundit to vote. If so, the Taliban are smarter than CAIR.

I will be curious to know if other voters have a similar experience.

Hmm. Tricky. You can always type the address into your browser:

Of course, this is an admission of their cause’s unpopularity. They can’t even stuff their own internet poll

UPDATE: Several readers report that votes don’t seem to be changing the totals. It’s probably a fake poll.