February 1, 2019

ACE MAKES A DISCOVERY: Ralph Northam’s Nickname at VMI? “Coonman.” “But don’t worry — Democrats are defending him because of course Democrats are defending their own.”

Plus: Flashback: Northam Campaign Insinuates Gillespie, GOP Are Racist.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Northam’s favorite movie was Partial Birth of a Nation.”


MORE: Eugene Volokh emails: “Do we know what ‘Coonman’ means? I wonder whether it might have more to do with raccoons (see, e.g., https://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/monday-mallet-coonman-sends-100-ft-cliff-mt-baker/ and https://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2010/04/raccoon_hunter_rising_star_gle.html and https://www.chapelchimes.com/obituaries/David-White-44/#!/Obituary), as in coonskin caps, than with racial slurs, though I realize that “coon” without the “man” can indeed be a racial slur. See also https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dayton/obituary.aspx?n=frederick-gibson&pid=158397658.”

Unclear, but I’m sure the media will get right on it.

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