January 29, 2019

THEY’RE VERY LOYAL TO THEIR MURDEROUS LEFTY DICTATORS: America’s Stubborn Left Clings to Nicolas Maduro Despite All Evidence: It’s time to admit that Venezuela’s “21st century socialism” failed.

It didn’t fail. It enriched and empowered the people at the top. That’s what socialism always does. It’s a giant con, and its lefty supporters are either grifters, shills, or marks.

When Churchill said “the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries,” he was wrong. Misery in socialist countries is never equally shared. The people at the top live large; misery accrues further down the ladder, though it creeps up rung by rung over time, as Venezuela demonstrates.

Related: “Under capitalism, the rich grow powerful. Under socialism, the powerful grow rich — and everyone else grows poor.”

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