January 26, 2019

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated As A Class.

And, so, here we are again: The kulaks must be liquidated as a class. But who is a kulak?

We might glean some insight into that from the progressives’ thinking in the recent free-speech debates, which goes something like this: “We’re all in favor of free speech, but Nazis should be chased from the public square, by violence if necessary, and we should harass their employers in order to ruin them financially. Also, everybody who disagrees with me is a Nazi, including children wearing hats that I don’t like.”

You may not feel like a kulak. You may take comfort in hearing that only the “tippy-top” wealthiest people are to be expropriated in the name of social justice. Those children at Covington Catholic probably didn’t think they were Nazis a week ago, either.

The obvious lesson of Williamson’s point is that the actual kulaks, who vastly outnumbered the Communist party cadre, would have been well-served to start massacring the party cadre early on. So far, this is (mostly) a metaphor, but Williamson is surprisingly tough for someone from NRO. Maybe the past week has hardened them.

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