FOOLED BY THE HYPE: Yes, that would be me. The New York Times article about blogs is now online and David Gallagher is a man of his word: it’s a well-done and fair piece, despite the rather, ahem, overstated hype (quoted below) that the Times sent out to its affiliates. I’d hoped that was the case.

By the way, the reason I’m holding the microphone in the picture is that when the photographer showed up I was doing some experiments with the soon-to-appear “Radio InstaPundit” service. No, really. It’ll be NPR-style commentaries and monologues, and maybe even the occasional interview, streaming in MP3 and RealAudio. I had planned to have it up and running by tomorrow, but the audio hosting site that I’m using is undergoing a server upgrade and won’t accept uploads at the moment. Stay, er, tuned.