ANDREW SULLIVAN is invoking the Alexa rankings to show that The New Republic gets more traffic (with a ranking of 22,840) than The American Prospect does, with a ranking of 23,581 . But I’ve always been suspicious of Alexa — and rightly so, it seems, since it gives InstaPundit a ranking of 1,825.

This seems deeply suspicious to me. And rightly so, as Slate shows up at a miserable 161,025. That actually made me wonder if the rankings were somehow backwards, but Drudge is 396, which destroys that theory. And, I think, the credibility of Alexa.

UPDATE: Boy, lots of people sent email on this one. Turns out ALL Blogspot sites (Alexa still thinks InstaPundit’s on Blogspot) return a rank of 1,825. That’s apparently the rank for Blogspot as a whole. And Slate returns at 2 if you enter its address as instead of, because it aggregates all the MSN addresses. Jeez. Jon Garthwaite has more on this if you’re interested.