December 2, 2018

SOME GOOD REPORTING ON THE FRENCH RIOTS AT ¡No Pasarán! “Whether it was related or simply a coincidence, the crowds had started chanting Macron ! Démission!’ (Macron resign!) when the bombardment started.”

Plus, from a couple of days ago: How Fake News Has Misrepresented the Yellow Vest Revolt in France. “It is not wrong to say that the demonstrations were caused by the government’s decision to raise gas prices. What is missing is that this is just one of several draconian measures dating back half a year, i.e., ‘tis the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. For the past four to five months, the French government has done nothing but double down on bringing more and more gratuitous oppression and more and more unwarranted persecution measures down on the necks the nation’s drivers and motorcycle riders. In fact, the imposition of ever harsher rules has been going on for the past decade and a half or so — whether the government was on the right or on the left — and that is why the choice of les gilets jaunes (the yellow jackets) by the demonstrators is particularly ironic. . . . This year, as mentioned, Emmanuel Macron’s government has doubled down on the repressive measures.”

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