October 28, 2018

A WIN FOR THE “TROPICAL TRUMP:” Bolsonaro Wins In Brazil.

Richard Fernandez comments: “Events like this pose a real intellectual challenge for the Third Way crowd. It can’t just be Trump that’s causing this, can it? There must be some unacknowledged problem with the old global world that is driving this. Whether you are for or against the obvious revolt, perhaps more urgently if you are against it, there is the necessity to understand the causes of the crisis beyond the explanations offered by late night comedians.”

So far there seems little effort to understand. They seem to think that the magic words “racist!” “fascist!” will return things to the status quo ante. But the spell no longer works as it once did. And while they may dimly sense that Trump is a symptom, not a cause, they can’t bring themselves to admit that he’s a symptom of their own failure.

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