“BELIEVE THE WOMAN:” America always knew woman’s Emmett Till story was a lie.

After more than a half-century of living a lie, Carolyn Bryant Donham decided to tell the truth. Emmett Till never grabbed her by the waist and said, “You needn’t be afraid of me, baby I’ve (done something) with white women before.”

She can’t remember now if the 14-year-old Chicago youngster even whistled at her on his way out the door.

Her confession to historian and author Timothy Tyson in 2007 may have helped clear Donham’s conscience and bring her to this place of “tender sorrow” she says she now feels for Till’s deceased mother.

But for African-Americans and many others who are just learning of this revelation in Tyson’s new book, “The Blood of Emmett Till,” it does nothing.

We already knew her story was a lie.

But social/political pressures made it impossible to say so.

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