SO WE AREN’T THERE YET, but we may reach a point at which the question has to be asked: Trump or Pence? It’s not Trump or Hillary as it was in 2016. The alternative to Trump now is Pence.

In 1998, the Dems could have gotten Bill Clinton to step down, or joined in impeaching him. That would have left them with President Al Gore, who would have almost certainly been re-elected in 2000. Though given Clinton’s enormous ego and belief in his own political prowess, talking him into resigning would have been hard.

It’s not 1998 for the Republicans yet, and what happens in the midterms will probably determine whether it is. Of course, Trump would be harder than Clinton to talk into resigning, I suspect, for similar reasons.

But Democrats also have to ask themselves, do they want President Pence? Because that’s what you get if you manage to get rid of Trump.