GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Deflated: NFL popularity at new low, just 3 in 10 are ‘favorable.’

The National Football League has done nothing to recover during the off season from it’s miserable popularity ratings that are now at the lowest ever.

Rocked by the issues of players taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, overly long games, and scandalous players, just 35 percent say they have a favorable view of “America’s sport.”

What’s more, only 15 percent called the NFL a “top interest,” and 37 percent said that they are “Not at all interested” in the games. . . .

In August of last year, Winston surveys put the approval rating of the NFL at 57 percent. In September, it had dropped to 44 percent favorable.

YouGov’s poll did find support for the new NFL policy on taking a knee. Under that rule, players who protest will be fined, though they can now stay in the locker room instead.

However, the public is still evenly split on the issue overall.