HELEN PUT IT UP AS “IN THE MAIL” EARLIER, BUT LET ME ADD MY PLUG TO WARD FARNSWORTH’S The Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User’s Manual. As the introduction notes, the Stoics are seen as unemotional, but what they were really expert in was managing all the emotions that humans have in ways that help us to live happier, better lives. It seems to me that this should be getting as much attention as, say, Jordan Peterson’s work.

From the preface:

This is a book about human nature and its management. The wisest students of that subject in ancient times, and perhaps of all time, were known as the Stoics. Their recommendations about how to think and live do not resemble the grim lack of feeling we associate with the word “Stoic” in English today. The original Stoics were philosophers and psychologists of the most ingenious kind, and also highly practical; they offered solutions to the problems of everyday life and advice about how to overcome our irrationalities, that are still relevant and helpful now.

Yes. (Bumped).