THE MORE PEOPLE POSTURE AS DO-GOODERS, THE MORE LIKELY IT SEEMS THEY WIND UP DOING SOMETHING OTHER THAN GOOD: UN knew for over a decade about sex-for-food scandal involving 15 top charities, leaked report claims.. “An 84-page report on ‘food-for-sex’ practices in West African refugee camps was compiled and handed over to the UN in 2002, but was never published. It claims that workers at more than 40 aid organisations, of which 15 are major international charities including Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières, sexually exploited young refugees. . . . It comes after revelations that Oxfam covered up that several of its senior aid workers had been paying survivors of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake for sex.”

To be fair, at least they paid them instead of just out-and-out raping them like UN troops do.