A “BIONIC VEST” that helps assembly-line workers work over their heads with less fatigue. “What also sets the vest apart is that it’s completely mechanical. There’s no cord, no battery, no electricity; it’s powered by springs. They kick in gradually once the wearer raises their arms to about chest-height and beyond.”

I’ve always found working over my head one of the most fatiguing jobs there is. It’s gotten modestly better as my shoulders have gotten stronger — as I discovered when taking down some blinds for my daughter recently — but I can’t imagine doing this for 10 hours a day without feeling like crap and eventually messing up my shoulders. Which is exactly what happens, and what this vest is in response to. Result with the vest: “Aw, I feel fine. My neck — instead of having to Icy Hot it down three or four times like I told you earlier, I feel fine at the end of the day.”