May 10, 2018

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO LIE ABOUT RAPE: ‘Never happened’: 26 years later, two men to be cleared of rape as accuser recants story. “Investigators had no physical evidence connecting the men to the crime or the crime scenes. Semen recovered from the woman, identified in court records as “the complainant,” did not belong to the accused. The prosecution’s case relied solely on her testimony, which was inconsistent, court records show. Defence attorneys argued that the case was poorly investigated and that the complainant, a recovering crack addict, fabricated the story to protect her boyfriend, who shot Perry two months earlier and was wanted by the police, court records show. Still, in 1992, a jury convicted Counts and Perry on all counts except for the weapons charges.”

But: “Last month, nearly three decades later, the woman told investigators that Perry and Counts were innocent and that the rape ‘never happened.’ . . . By then, Perry had served nearly 11 years in prison before being released in 2001; Counts, who was released in August, had served 26 years behind bars.”

Seems like there’s no reason to keep her name secret now.

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