May 6, 2018

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION, NASHVILLE EDITION: Money for flood recovery used for design of public facility.

What did the McEwens get from the government?

“Nothing. Nothing,” Carol McEwen told the News4 I Team.

What happened to all that flood money from the federal government?

Nashville got $10 million from HUD’s Disaster Recovery Fund to start and received another $22 million in a second appropriation from HUD in 2011.

Our News4 I-Team investigation discovered that one-third of that $22 million – $7.4 million – never went to flooded homeowners.

It was used to design Ascend Amphitheater, a downtown concert venue.

“Where is it, why wasn’t it used what it was appropriated for?” Gentry asked News4.

Three years after the flood, Nashville told the federal government they wanted to redirect the $7.4 million towards riverfront development; essentially saying they couldn’t find any other homeowners who needed help.

Uh huh. Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain is calling for an investigation.

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