April 29, 2018

IF IT WEREN’T FOR DECLINING STANDARDS, THEY’D HAVE NO STANDARDS AT ALL: Declining standards on the media menu at White House Correspondents’ dinner.

Members of the press will treat themselves Saturday evening to drinks and selfies with vaguely familiar celebrities before sitting down for dinner and a comedy routine presented by “The Daily Show” alum Michelle Wolf.

The annual White House Correspondents’ dinner will also feature the usual speeches about how crucial journalists are to keeping America free. They’ll no doubt be told, either from the podium or by each other, that they’re more important than ever because of the man in the White House.

It’s a gaudy affair, brimming with dreary self-congratulation. And it’s also a reminder that the press has yet to grasp that its declining credibility is largely of its own making.

While DC journalists congratulated themselves on their courage, there was this study in contrasts:

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