I’M CONFUSED: Via the miracle of Technorati (er, well, it’s a miracle when it works!) I find this post by Mark Kleiman accusing me of “hyper-masculinity.”

The two main features of glibertarianism, as far as I can tell, are hatred of government (cast as worship of the “free market”) and hyper-masculinity.

Gee, I thought, what hyper-masculine thing have I done now? But when I followed the link, I got this post, which reads, in its entirety:

HOT AIR looks at a murder in Knoxville.

So either extreme pithiness is hyper-masculine — in which case I plead guilty! — or Kleiman’s standards for hyper-masculinity are awfully low, to include a world-class dweeb such as myself. How low? So low he must be getting wedgies from the Chess Club . . . .

I don’t blog about Coase very much, either. The brown acid is bad, Mark. Don’t take the brown acid.

UPDATE: Kleiman responds with an update linking to an interview we did with Conn Iggulden, author of The Dangerous Book for Boys. I’ve been having archive issues since yesterday for some reason, and so his original link may have gone astray for a while — I should have thought of that, but all the problems I was aware of had to do with older archives, from 2001-02. But if you think The Dangerous Book for Boys is “hyper-masculine,” then, well, you’re still at risk from the Chess Club. Of which I was a proud member, as befits us hyper-masculine types!

Of course, maybe this interview on The Daring Book for Girls makes me “hyper-feminine.” I mean, why wouldn’t it? That’s okay — I’m comfortable in my androgyny, hypermasculine as it is!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader David Rowell thinks “Chess Club Wedgies” is a good name for a band. Yeah, it would have been a good song title for The Poindexters, a geek-rock band I was writing songs for a few years back, too. They never really got off the ground, despite a heartfelt tribute song aimed at ASCAP’s Courtney Hard.

MORE: Heh: “If Reynolds is hyper-masculine, he’s the nerdiest, most low-key hyper-masculine person you’ll ever find.” I prefer “nebbish overlord” myself . . . .

STILL MORE: Hard to top this commentary: “As a transgendered libertarian, I fail to see the problem here.” I’d like to think that I would have said that in my original post, if only I were transgendered.

But here I am in all my rampant hyper-masculine glory. View it and weep, wimps.