DISGRACEFUL: The Atlantic fires conservative Kevin Williamson for actually believing what he says. Meanwhile, Williamson’s first and only piece is at #1 on their most-popular list. But I guess Jeffrey Goldberg couldn’t stand up to the triggered social-justice warriors among his staff. A sad marker for what’s happened to “mainstream” journalism. Lefties get a pass for this sort of thing all the time. And if Williamson’s bad enough to fire, then hiring him was a bad enough decision that Goldberg should resign.

UPDATE: No sympathy for Williamson from Ace. “A lot of us believe that we’re in a cold civil war and that the left is now determined to leverage its sociocorporate power to coerce conservatives into either parroting the leftist line or else remaining strictly silent. . . . Looks like the Cool Kids you admire you so much don’t admire you enough to let you sit at their table for longer than a few minutes. Maybe this will finally open your eyes to what’s actually going on right now.”