VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Camouflaged Elites. “Even in the mostly egalitarian city-states of classical Greece, the wealthy were readily identifiable. A man of privilege was easy to spot by his remarkable possession of a horse, the fine quality of his tunic, or by his mastery of Greek syntax and vocabulary. . . . But today, the line separating the elite from the masses has blurred. First, the cultural revolution of the 1960s made it cool for everyone to dress sloppily and to talk with slang and profanity. Levis, T-shirts, and sneakers became the hip American uniform, a way of superficially equalizing the unequal. Contrived informality radiated the veneer of class solidarity. Multimillionaires like Bruce Springsteen and Bono appear indistinguishable from welders on the street. The locus classicus is perhaps Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg.”