BACK TO THE FUTURE: A friend sent me this message: “Glenn, with all the privacy crap about Facebook rearing it’s ugly head again, I’m thinking about moving back to a regular blog for my social interaction. Any recommendations for a hosting company? Maybe do a post on Insty about it? Others may feel the same way.”

I can’t recommend Hosting Matters enough. I used them for years before moving to PJ’s servers, and I still host my backup site there. Their prices are good and their service is great. And they offer special deals for InstaPundit readers.

I hope a lot of people will move back to blogs and away from big corporate platforms. As I wrote a while back: “I think that the old blogosphere was superior to ‘social media’ like Twitter and Facebook for a number of reasons. First, as a loosely-coupled system, instead of the tightly-coupled systems built by retweets and shares, it was less prone to cascading failure in the form of waves of hysteria. Second, because there was no central point of control, there was no way to ban people. And you didn’t need one, since bloggers had only the audience that deliberately chose to visit their blogs.”

Maybe I should start featuring people who move back to blogs. (Bumped).