January 26, 2018

ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY: The immigration fight isn’t really about the Dreamers — it’s all politics. “President Trump’s immigration proposal offers a pathway to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million people. . . . Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, allowed approximately 800,000 individuals to stay, without any path to citizenship, for renewable three-year periods under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order. If the Trump proposal is a hateful middle finger to Hispanics, presumably Obama’s much narrower order was a violent assault. Yet the far left’s leaders, including Congressman Gutierrez, praised DACA as an ‘antidote for do-nothingism’ and now thinks that Trump’s more robust proposal — replete with a path to citizenship — is a surefire sign of xenophobia. Such comments imply that the far left’s goal is not finding a workable solution for Dreamers but instead, keeping their base ginned up with hatred toward President Trump. By reflexively crying racism in response to reasonable policy proposals — which would achieve far more than any Democratic president or Congress has ever achieved — the political left undermines its credibility and suggests its goal is sowing racial division, not solving problems.”

Trump has made them a very generous offer, and — as I suspect he expected — they’re rejecting it and screaming racism. I think that leaves him right where he wants to be.

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