December 2, 2017

MICHAEL BARONE: European Bureaucrats Attack Multicultural Sandwich.

If you want to know why a majority of voters in Britain and large numbers in many other European countries are disgusted with undemocratic micro-regulation by the European Union, take a look at this article from

An EU Parliament committee is holding up approval of the use of phosphate in frozen döner kebab, a popular sandwich in Germany. This, even though phosphate was approved for use in pork chops and bratwurst. “There is a clear case of discrimination against döner,” thundered the tabloid Bild. “This could ring the death knell for the entire döner industry in the EU,” claimed the chairman of the Federal Association of Döner Producers, which claims that 110,000 jobs in Germany depend on the döner industry.

The health spokesman of the Christian Democratic party said that if someone consumed döner all year, they would ingest the amount of phosphate in 1.5 liters of Coke.

We need a culture of tarring and feathering intrusive, officious bureaucrats.

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