October 22, 2017

WAPO: Trump Has Already Largely Won His War Against The Media. “Consider the language used in this question. Marist didn’t ask people whom they trusted more between the media at large and Trump; it was a choice between the media outlet you like the best and the president. Presumably, the media outlet you like the best is the one you consider most reliable and informative, but even pitting a Trump supporter’s top pick of all of the media outlets against the president, the president wins. . . . This poll was released on the heels of another survey that adds still more context to the question of media trust. A Politico-Morning Consult survey conducted online found that nearly half of Americans, a plurality, thinks that the media makes up stories about the president out of whole cloth.”

Well, if you guys weren’t so obviously, rabidly eager to bring Trump down, maybe people would trust you more.

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