October 13, 2017

ROGER AILES’ EVIL-GENIUS PLAN TO SINK THE COMPETITION BEARS FRUIT: Celebrity Publicists Don’t Want Their Clients Appearing On Megyn Kelly Today. “One publicist said they didn’t want their client to schmooze with Kelly, because her brand is too alienating, as a result of her association to the conservative news network. ‘I don’t even know if it’s as much her as it is Fox News,’ the publicist said. ‘Because she came from Fox News, she was set up for failure because the industry is so polarized now and no one wants to touch anything associated with Trump.’”

Despite her constant feuds with Trump. Or as Ace warned in June, “That said, to hell with MeAgain Kelly. She thought she would be accepted by the liberals; like Bret Stephens, she’s finding that the liberals only cheered her when she was a saboteur operating behind enemy lines. But they damn sure don’t want Bret Stephens or MeAgain behind their own linesYou know, Benedict Arnold expected to be treated like a hero by the British he gave West Point to. Instead, he lived miserably thereafter, shunned by the people he expected to embrace him. No one ever really trusts a turncoat. Even the people the turncoat turns coat to be amongst.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

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