October 5, 2017

ROGER AILES’ EVIL-GENIUS PLAN TO SINK THE COMPETITION BEARS FRUIT: EXCLUSIVE: NBC’s ‘$69 MILLION mistake!’ Network executives slam the floundering Megyn Kelly as they reveal she is making $23M yearly in a three-year deal for her morning show – rivaling salaries of Matt Lauer and Jimmy Fallon. “The network that created Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer will now forever be remembered for the $69 million hire of Megyn Kelly. When you add the cost of developing the show, hiring staff and promoting Megyn all the time, this adds up to a $100 million mistake. . . . What’s even more insulting is that each member of the NBC anchor team was made to heap praise on Megyn, while she is taking home more money than most of them.”

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