October 8, 2017

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Article that Made 16,000 Ideologues Go Wild. “The desire of the anti-colonialist faction to reach beyond Gilley to intimidate other scholars who might pick up his thread is a backhanded acknowledgment of Gilley’s credibility and the force of his argument.”

Honestly, the last 50 years or so are not exactly a slam-dunk case for the virtues of “anti-colonialism.” So I can see why they’re so defensive. And if academics are so eager to shout down and intimidate people whose ideas they don’t like — and by all appearances, many are — then they should not be surprised if the larger society returns the favor. Why lefty academics think they’ll flourish in an environment of mob rule and ideological witch-hunts is beyond me, but I suspect it’s a function of academia’s lack of diversity.

UPDATE: Seen on Facebook: “The settlement of other continents by Europeans is called colonialism. The settlement of Europe by people from other continents is called multiculturalism and emergence of a global society.”

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