September 24, 2017

WELCOME TO THE KANGAROO COURT. I’LL BE YOUR KANGAROO. Ashe Schow: A Campus-Rape Official Who Disses Men Online.

Can male students expect a fair process when a member of the school’s department responsible for handling sexual assault accusations has posted anti-male sentiments online?

This year Northwestern University, above, hired Kate Harrington-Rosen as its Equity Outreach and Education Specialist for the Office of Title IX/Equal Opportunity and Access. In this capacity, she is responsible for “developing and delivering training for students, faculty, and staff on Title IX policy and procedures, as well as tracking and assessing education and prevention efforts across campus,” according to the Evanston, Ill., school.

Her “about” page on Northwestern’s website mentions Harrington-Rosen’s web sideline the Not Sorry Project, which the school said aims “to give space and voice to women, femmes, and other marginalized groups.” But the Not Sorry Project includes content that could be considered anti-male.

The project, active on Facebook and other social media, features artful posts on what people are “not sorry for” — including dissing men. They are typically described with the term “cis” or variants to mean males who identify with their birth sex.

In one anonymous post, the words “I’m not sorry that cishet alpha men are trash to me until proven innocent” appear over a background image of flowers.

Harrington-Rosen and her co-founder express similar views in the “Friday Not Sorry List” jointly credited to them. In one dated July 7, the pair wrote: “I’m not sorry (or sad) that I have very few cis male friends.” On July 14, they wrote: “I’m not sorry that none of my friends are cis straight men.”

On Aug. 18, the two wrote in their Friday list: “I’m not sorry for capitalizing on your white guilt to get you to give money to causes I care about.”

On Sept. 15, the two wrote: “I’m not sorry I’m skeptical of procedure and neutrality.”

Other posts express similar “not sorry” views about general issues. But there are no posts showing negativity toward women specifically.

Northwestern’s Title IX operation seems bad even by the not-very-demanding standards set by other schools.

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