September 22, 2017

ANY WEAPON TO HAND: The Left catapulted Valerie Plame to stardom without figuring out what she thinks.

The left-wing darling just tweeted an article accusing Jews of starting American wars. After the predictable blowback, Plame first encouraged her audience “to put aside your biases” and read the article before admitting that she “didn’t do my homework on the platform.”

An especially embarrassing gaffe for a veteran intelligence analyst, the article in question asserted, among other things, that Jews “own the media,” that Jewish people should wear labels while on national television, and that their beliefs are as dangerous as “a bottle of rat poison.”

One doesn’t need training in espionage though to recognize the bigotry of the piece. One also doesn’t need to be some sort of covert agent to recognize the flimsiness of her excuse. . . .

Of course, Plame is entitled to her opinions and her excuses. Everyone else is also entitled to mercilessly mock the very people who have promoted her for so long, because her story provided something politically useful to them.

There’s a lot to mock.

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