Columbia University students recently voted against a proposal that would make all restrooms on a dorm-floor “gender inclusive.”

Students living in at least five of the elite school’s residence halls voted floor-by-floor to determine whether their male- and female-designed restrooms would be made “gender inclusive,” a practice made possible under a new Columbia University Residence Life Policy. . . .

Krish Bhatt, president of the Columbia Queer Alliance, slammed the new policy as one that privileges the voices of “cisgender” students.

“The voices of cisgender residents, who likely outnumber transgender or gender nonconforming students and are more or less unimpacted by the decision, are being centered [in this decision],” Bhatt told The Spectator, adding that trans-students are not properly represented under such a “democratic fallacy.”

“While I understand the intention of this decision…this rule reinforces a democratic fallacy, where those who would benefit from a decision to designate bathrooms as gender-inclusive are not necessarily represented or represented to the extent of their need,” Bhatt elaborated.

If only you could weight votes somehow, in some sort of college-electoral thing or something. The name’s on the tip of my tongue. . . .

Other points: (1) “Likely outnumber.” Delusional. (2) In fact, even on “liberal” campuses, most students don’t support this, they’re just bullied into keeping quiet. Forcing these decisions to secret-ballot votes is a good idea.