ANALYSIS: TRUE. On authoritarianism, Hillary Clinton was the greater threat.

When Hillary Clinton, who was almost our president, riffed on President Trump and what she saw as his “authoritarianism” she displayed an odd definition of the idea. She said that at the “core” of authoritarianism is “to sow mistrust toward exact the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence‚Ķ”

So, authoritarianism involves sowing distrust in the people in power?

Clinton fitting invokedly Orwell in her perverse definition of authoritarianism. We could wave off her backwards understanding to sloppiness or partisanship. But this is a small shadow of something far bigger: Clinton has a fundamentally authoritarian mindset, and she had built around her a circle of sycophants who enabled that mindset.

Events since the election have confirmed my suspicion during the campaign that, whichever of the two major party candidates would be worse overall, Hillary Clinton was the greater threat on the score of authoritarianism.

This was obvious to anyone who was paying attention.