ANN ALTHOUSE ON FAKE NEWS: WaPo’s “What the latest James O’Keefe video leaves out” attests to the absence of unfair, out-of-context quotes. “See what’s missing? There’s absolutely nothing saying that Bonifield’s statements were edited to distort or take anything out of context or encourage misinterpretation. There’s nothing on Farhi’s list that makes us feel we need the unedited footage to be fair to Bonifield and CNN. Every single thing is about additional facts that can be presented to us without access to the complete footage that Project Veritas holds in its possession. These additional facts are perfectly easy for Bonifield or CNN or The Washington Post to share with us, including the identity of the Project Veritas operative and how he got access to Bonifield. Obviously, Bonifield knows that. . . . Let’s talk about all of it. But let’s recognize that Bonifield really made those statements and — from what I can see so far — there was nothing unfair about how they were presented in the edit we got yesterday.”