June 29, 2017

IT’S HARD TO BE A FEMINIST WITHOUT ELEVATING FANTASY OVER REALITY: Emily Jashinsky: The only women living in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ are feminists.

Planned Parenthood organized a protest of Republican healthcare legislation where women dressed like characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale” outside the Capitol building on Tuesday, ostensibly seeking to send some type of dire warning about the impact of the GOP’s latest reform bill.

Activists have staged similar demonstrations around the country in recent weeks.

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” a Hulu series based on the dystopian novel of the same name, depicts a society where women face brutal repression, forced to don the same jarring red robes and white hats the Planned Parenthood protesters wore in Washington this week. As Liz Wolfe described for the Washington Examiner on Sunday, “In [the book], the theocratic Republic of Gilead has conquered the United States in the wake of a fertility epidemic.”

“In Gilead,” Wolfe wrote, “a group of red-robed women called handmaids must serve as human incubators for the upper class of politicians, via rape, centered around their monthly fertility cycle. Women cannot read, are unable to vote, and are not supposed to own property. Dissenters are hanged.”

On what grounds feminists feel it is appropriate to draw comparisons between modern America, the freest and fairest society for our sex to exist in history, and Gilead, all because a healthcare bill will affect access to and funding of Planned Parenthood, is a mystery. The only way Americans will ever experience any taste of Gilead is if feminists continue attempting to convince people that unthinkable fate is imminent. The American patriarchal dystopia is a delusion entirely of their own fabrication.

Honestly, the more they talk, the better patriarchy looks.

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