June 27, 2017

SO DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. BY DEFINITION, THEY’RE NOT EDUCATED YET. College panel: Free speech on campus under siege from students.

“For most of my career, we were usually running up against administrative overreach” — campus leaders “doing things that were a bad idea, or were sometimes well intentioned” but still flawed, Lukianoff said during a panel discussion about the tension between free speech and inclusivity on campuses at the association’s annual conference here.

Students, he said, were traditionally “the best constituents for freedom of speech.” But that’s no longer the case, with “many more students demanding that speakers be disinvited,” calling for the firing of professors or suspension of fellow students whose speech they deem hurtful, and the like.

To be fair, mostly these students — a tiny minority of the overall campus population — are just catspaws for “diversity” administrators and “studies” faculty. They’re no more intellectually independent than the Red Guards they resemble

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