PUSHBACK ON ASSASSINATION CHIC: ‘Trump Assassination’ Version of Julius Caesar Costs More Than Expected.

In other words, the director sacrificed Shakespeare’s text, the story of Caesar’s rise to dictator, and the end of the Roman Republic for what comes down to a cheap laugh, the political equivalent of a fart joke. All the bien pissants look at each other and smirk, and feel superior because all their superior friends got the same joke.

But they didn’t count on one thing: the rest of the country. . . .

Of course, the bien pissants are outraged that Delta and Bank of America are responding to the outrage, but what they are forgetting is that both Delta and Bank of America are doing business in the whole country, including all the counties that voted for Trump and see him being bloodily assassinated in a blatant political ploy as being just, somehow, uncouth.

“Bien pissants.” That’s cute. But here’s the core of what’s happening: Turnabout.