June 4, 2017

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Florida Dean Resigns After Giving Effusive Reference For Employee Fired For Downloading Porn Through University Email Account. Best bit: “As the University of Florida’s deputy Title IX coordinator, Chris Loschiavo heard complaints of gender discrimination that sometimes included allegations of sexual battery. But it has been learned that using a university-supplied email, he also bought pornographic videos with titles that included erotic torture and rough sex, cyborg sex, threesome sex and more. Loschiavo was fired last year with officials pegging it publicly to a conflict of interest that came to light during the Title IX hearing of UF football player Antonio Callaway.”

Pegging? I see what you did there.

But why are his personal sexual preferences a conflict of interest? Does that mean that gays and lesbians can’t be involved with matters that relate to their sex preferences? Are women who read or saw 50 Shades of Grey similarly disqualified? And what’s wrong with “cyborg sex?” Heck, it’s the only kind I have.

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