June 3, 2017

GEORGE KORDA: Finding rationality in a politically gelatinous world? Not a prayer.

Donald Trump becoming POTUS has created a new stratum of political irrationality among those appalled by his victory.

Before Election Day, when Clinton and her supporters were confident of winning, Trump’s attitude toward the outcome was big news. Would he and his backers accept the results? Clinton said of Trump, “He became the first person, Republican or Democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Now, that is a direct threat to our democracy.”

With Trump’s victory respect among many for the election results disappeared faster than a politician’s promise. On social media, in demonstrations, and in other ways never-Trumpers call themselves the “resistance,” declaring Trump is “Not My President,” and speculate, suggest, or insist he resign, be impeached, or that there should be a do-over election.

Many of these partisans – as well as Democrats in Washington’s halls of power – a few short months earlier insisted that it’s unpatriotic to disrespect a president, and if someone hopes a president fails they hope America fails. That’s when in Barack Obama they had a president they liked.

Those high-minded principles have in many quarters transitioned to it being unpatriotic to not disrespect Trump, and pulling for him to succeed means wanting America to fail.

Those are rational reversals only if principles depend on the politics of the moment. Speaking of irrationality, take Trump, Clinton campaign and former FBI Director James Comey, please.


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