DUMBEST PR PITCH EVER? I got this in the mail yesterday:

From: Jim ____
Date: April 3, 2017 at 4:26:06 PM EDT
To: “” <> Subject: STORY IDEA: Increased sexual violence in the Trump era

Hi Glenn Harlan,

The recent sexual assault charges on FOX News star, Bill O’Reilly, is more reason to believe that the Trump era is leading to increased normalization of sexual assault against women. According to relationship expert, Wendy Strgar, “the culture of sexual violence not only remains rampant but is condoned at the top levels of our national leadership.”

Wendy’s company “Good Clean Love” recently surveyed college students on 15 campuses and found that 35% of female students have had non-consensual sex. Strgar worries that the normalization of some of Trump’s remarks like “locker room talk” will not only increase the already high number of sexual assaults on college campuses – but in society overall.

Can I arrange an interview with Wendy? I can also send the survey results.



First, all the O’Reilly stuff is supposed to predate Trump, so how is it evidence of “increased normalization of sexual assault against women?” Then there are the statistics, which seem extremely likely to be bogus.

And “Hi Glenn Harlan?” Really?

But if it’s really true that 35% of college women have been raped (oh, for the good old days when it was just 1 in 5 — now it’s more than one in three!) then obviously we need to shut down colleges immediately. Or at least make them single sex.