April 2, 2017

THE BOTTOM LINE ON MIKE PENCE: Feminists have managed to create an employment atmosphere where men walk around on pins and needles wondering when something they say might be taken out of context or when a woman might decide to ruin a man’s career with a false accusation.

It’s funny, because all the spinoffs of the Atlantic piece on Pence seem to go on about Christianity, but if you read the comments to the Atlantic piece, they overwhelmingly sound the theme above. Here’s the top-rated one:

1. Greatly expand definition of sexual harassment.
2. Make any accusation of sexual harassment career-ending.
3. Proclaim that women should always be believed when they accuse a man.
4. Complain that men won’t have 1-on-1 meetings with women.

This article reinforces the old stereotype that women aren’t logical…

Ouch. Here’s another:

I have battled to stay awake through more of those HR lectures than I care to recall, and I am long past the point at which I can ace the computerized exams without reading any of the material, because the PC position is usually screamingly obvious. I get the impression that many of those criticizing Pence have never worked in a business, professional, or government position where an inadvertent remark in a social setting can go nuclear. Nor do they seem to realize the danger that the person with whom one is bantering today may be a disgruntled employee two years from now (a bad review, passed over for a promotion), and suddenly everything is subject to retroactive reinterpretation.

But to admit that gives away the whole feedlot. So instead we have to instruct Mike Pence on why he’s doing Christianity wrong.

UPDATE: Rape Culture!!! Rape Culture!!!

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