THESE ARE TOUGH TIMES FOR DEANS: University of Cincinnati law dean under fire from faculty.

Personnel documents and emails between faculty members and interim provost Peter Landgren dating between Nov. 17, 2016 and Dec. 24, 2016, do not detail the specific problems faculty have with Bard. The Business Courier has requested additional documents from UC.

What the emails do show is that a group of at least nine law professors discussed holding a vote of no confidence in Bard as early as Nov. 22, 2016. UC’s College of Law has 36 faculty members and seven professors and deans emeriti.

A document announcing the plan drafted in December by Landgren and obtained by the Courier through a public records request states that Bard recognizes that certain decisions she has made in her 18-month tenure have created a rift between her own vision for the law school and that of a group of faculty.

“Also recognized by the dean are issues relating to her work with and rapport amongst the college’s staff,” the document reads.

That doesn’t sound good. Deans may disagree — rightly or wrongly — with faculty about priorities, but when the staff is unhappy it’s usually a sign of mismanagement. But who knows?