21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: High-risk sex, girl-on-girl experimenting linked among NYC teens. But it’s not soft-core porn here:

This “vulnerable population of girls” who engage in same-sex or bisexual activity are twice as likely as heterosexual teens to be sexually active. The researchers also found:

These girls start having sex sooner, have more sexual partners and suffer more “intimate partner violence.”
They are less likely to use contraceptive methods — putting them at higher risk of unplanned pregnancy if they also have sex with boys.
They use more alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs.
They report more suicidal thoughts or attempts. Girls “not sure” of their sexual orientation are at highest risk of trying to kill themselves.
Even though female-to female transmission of HIV is possible, many of these girls do not test for it or other sex-related diseases.

So there you have it.