SHOCKING NEWS: Nashville Hipsters Don’t Like Trump.

The divisions here are reflected across America, after an election that exposed brutal faultines and the education split among whites was said to be the critical factor.

Nadine Hubbs, a professor of music at the University of Michigan and author of Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music, said: “In the US, our cities are places where many of us go to prosper while small towns or exurbs or suburbs are often places where people are left behind.

“Nashville and Austin [in Texas] are really good examples of this phenomenon. To bridge the gap there are economic inequalities we need to pay attention to. Often the most unbridgeable gaps are the ones created by contempt for another group: lack of respect and stripping of dignity.

“The way people who are prospering look down on folks who are in rural spaces, often associated with country music, creates the kind of divisions that are really hard to bridge.

“The elites talk about the need for education of people in rural spaces; well, we know almost nothing about them. The economic and social segregation of the classes is worse maybe than it’s ever been in our history.”

I think we need a special redistributive tax on large urban areas, to help the left-behind folks in rural communities. To fight inequality!

Plus, as usual hipsters show complete lack of self-awareness: “It’s shitty how one side can dictate how the other side lives because they live different lives. It’s the same anywhere. When you live in the city, it’s different from living on a farm.”

Shut up and bake me a cake. Also, losing the last election “amounted to the bombing of Dresden in the last election. Trump committed Dresden. No one is in the mood be accommodating or easy.”

Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt committed Dresden, which involved burning thousands of people to death. Donald Trump just undermined your fragile self-image.