FLASHBACK: InstaPundit Is Not A News Service.

EARLIER I MENTIONED THIS POST by Eugene Volokh, on other people’s insistence that he blog topics of interest to them, regardless of whether they were of interest to him. (Pejman also weighs in on this, offering to blog anything the demanders demand, for an adequate fee: “Kids, I’m a lawyer. I’m trained to do this kind of thing!” That’s why I quit practicing law, Pej.)

I don’t have much trouble resisting people’s efforts to bully me into advancing their agendas. What worries me more, in a way, are the friendly emails from people saying that they get all their news from InstaPundit.

Don’t do that! It’s “InstaPundit,” not “InstaNews Service.” And this is, as Eugene properly notes, an amateur activity. I don’t even get to blog all the stuff that interests me — I’ve really fallen behind on space, guns, and even nanotechnology lately– much less stuff that’s important, but that doesn’t interest me.

What you get here — as with any blog — is my idiosyncratic selection of things that interest me, as I have time to note them, with my own idiosyncratic comments. What’s more, to the (large) extent that it’s shaped by my effort to play up stories that Big Media are ignoring, it’s even more idiosyncratic. I hope you like it, but making it your sole source of news is probably not a good idea. It’s like living solely on appetizers and desserts: there’s no “four food groups” approach here. [Maybe InstaPundit is more like a dietary supplement — providing essential nutrients, not basic sustenance? — Ed. That’s it: “InstaPundit: The Cod Liver Oil of the Media World!” Actually, now that I think about it, I like the dessert analogy better. –Ed.]

I mention this because (1) Trump’s dominating the news like nobody’s business; and (2) InstaPundit is, to a huge degree, a media-criticism blog. So Trump stuff is taking up a bigger share of space than maybe it should. I’ll do my best to counterbalance that (and so will the cobloggers) but bear in mind, InstaPundit wasn’t a news service in 2003, and it’s still not one in 2017. That is all.