WHY IS BRYN MAWR COLLEGE SUCH A CESSPIT OF HATRED? Bryn Mawr student hounded after asking to share ride to Trump event.

Andi Moritz couldn’t get the comments out of her head. A Facebook post the Bryn Mawr College freshman made on the school’s ride share page earlier that September day had drawn harsh backlash from dozens of other students, most of whom she didn’t know.

She was looking for someone to share a ride to a campaign event for Donald Trump.

“Nobody has the right to an opinion of bigotry. 0 tolerance for fascists!”

“You want to go campaign for a man who has systematically oppressed entire ethnic/racial groups not to mention the LGBTQIA+ community and many others.”

“Why y’all doing this free labor for white supremacists tho.”

Moritz called the college’s suicide hotline.

“I just needed to talk to someone,” said Moritz, 18, of Hershey. “I was very sad. I wanted out of that college.”

Two days later she dropped out.

Sounds like a hostile educational environment.

Cost of attending Bryn Mawr College: $66,610 per year.